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Ring Forest 雜貨屋

🔥The likes are so high after using it🔥Valla Secret Silk Gold Mask (set of 10 pieces)

🔥The likes are so high after using it🔥Valla Secret Silk Gold Mask (set of 10 pieces)

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✂️Order deadline: June 12th📦Estimated arrival: around early August
(This is the estimated delivery date, please reserve all delivery dates by yourself)


#Beauty salon outfit silk gold mask
#神级silkgolden film
#Deep first aid for sensitive dehydrated skin
#facial mask that works once
#antiaging tightening and lifting

The skin is sensitive and dehydrated during the last season😍
The essence is very absorbable ~ the skin is naturally healthy after being fully hydrated 🉐️

After 7 days of continuous use, my skin is as smooth as an egg🥚
The #VallaSecret brand is guaranteed. Everyone knows that its ice mask is so popular ~ it will be sold instantly as soon as it arrives🫠

Yijia's beauty salon gold silk gold film is a must-have. Rob! ️‼ ️‼ ️

Crazy thread stand😱After using up likes👍to wake up the Feitian skin💡consciously glowing🫣pores are fine, the skin is less sensitive😎is exploding, and the ingredients are natural and non-irritating

Absolute advantage🫡
Each pack contains (30ml essence x 10 sheets) (individually packaged)
🧮A total of more than a dozen mosquitoes will be returned, and if you use it every day, I’m afraid your wallet will dry out and harden😌

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