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🎌Japan🎌 [Ready stock▪️Immediate shipment] ASICS WX camouflage black mid-calf safety shoes

🎌Japan🎌 [Ready stock▪️Immediate shipment] ASICS WX camouflage black mid-calf safety shoes

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⭐️Ship directly from Japan, Japan's JSAA A series approved safety shoes are at the same level as JIS S series.

⭐️The color of the sole is marked with abrasion, which makes it clear at a glance that safety shoes need to be replaced when the wear reaches the lowest position.

⭐️🈶Fiber toe cap to prevent toes from being injured by foreign objects.

⭐️Not anti-nail (✅Anti-nail insoles can be added)

✅Fuji anti-puncture insole JIS T8101 detection anti-nail

Mizuno Mizuno Anti-Puncture Insole JIS T8101 Detection Anti-nail

✅Puncture -resistant insole JIS T8101 detection anti-nail

✅Fuji anti-puncture insole anti-nail

⭐️Shoe toe test video:

⭐️Anti-slip soles and deodorant insoles are made of shock-absorbing material, making them feel as comfortable as sneakers.

⭐️Features: Ultra-lightweight, color-abrasion logo on sole, oil-resistant, deodorizing

⭐️Color: gray black

⭐️Weight: 440g

⭐️Size: Based on Japanese CM, please refer to the Marking inside your shoe (JP xx cm)


🔸️ Face-to-face 🔸️ Self-pickup 🔸️ SF Express self-pickup🚚

🚚Personal delivery: outside Tsuen Wan Station to outside Lai Chi Kok Station, Tuen Ma Line Tsuen Wan West (nearby roads where vehicles can park outside the station).

🏠Lai Chi Kok Self-pickup: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 16:00 ~ 19:00 🙏📝 Please make an appointment


💰Payment method✅ PAYME ✅ FPS ✅ Alipay HK ✅ HSBC ✅ Hang Seng Bank ✅ Bank of China (Hong Kong) ✅ Bank of China (Macau) 💲

Japanese parallel import📲️To place an order, just click on whatsapp📲🟢

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