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You can’t stop eating Godiva Chocolate Crumb Cookies

You can’t stop eating Godiva Chocolate Crumb Cookies

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Japan🇯🇵Godiva chocolate chip cookies (45 pieces per box)


Supplier Hong Kong’s ready stock🤩It’s so delicious! Limited edition stand! One box contains 45 cookies😍as low as $128/box‼ ️

Each 5 small pieces are individually packaged🥳It’s so delicious that you won’t overeat right away😂 Each piece contains a lot of chopped chocolate and almonds, and paired with crispy cookies🍪It’s really good! The Japanese people all praised it after trying it, Zhong said it was not too sweet🫶🏻

Godiva fans must try it🥰

◾️45 yuan per box (9 small boxes, 5 yuan per box)
◾️Made in Japan◾️Use by December 2023 or later

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