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Korea🇰🇷 Magic pro super waterproof clothing spray (300ml)

Korea🇰🇷 Magic pro super waterproof clothing spray (300ml)

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Made in South Korea🇰🇷Magic pro super waterproof clothing spray 300ML

Be prepared for typhoons🌪rainy season💦❗Typhoons and rain fall all day long in Hong Kong☂
It’s easy to get your shoes dirty when you go out on the street😖When it rains, you can’t cover your body, but you can never cover your shoes😤When they get wet, they’ll get scorched and smelly🤮So it’s really important to wear a protective spray, spray it on and it will save you at any time Shoes last a lifetime❗

Made in South Korea🇰🇷Magic pro super waterproof clothing spray 300ml❗

⭕Advanced nanotechnology, waterproof and easy-to-clean protective spray ⭕Form a protective film so that rainwater, snow, etc. cannot penetrate ⭕Can also prevent oil stains from contaminating ⭕Suitable for leather, textile materials, suede, suede, frosted, boots, snow Ground boots ⭕Spray form, 360-degree protection, leaving no detail behind ⭕Waterproof and anti-fouling, keeping the upper clean for a long time ⭕Does not affect appearance, color, and breathability ⭕Easy to use, 5cm away from the surface of the object 2 times Spray evenly every time, which is conducive to the even distribution of the nanofilm. Wait for about 5-10 minutes after spraying.

💧The waterproof effect depends on actual usage💧It is recommended to re-spray regularly to be prepared and maintain the best protective effect💧Waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof💧Suitable for all shirts, pants, shoes and socks

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