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Cordyceps King Cs4

Cordyceps King Cs4

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🤩Cordyceps King Cs4 60 capsules✅

🌟Product Information Comprehensively improves immunity and physical fitness, strengthens lungs, protects liver, promotes upper respiratory tract health, and improves allergic symptoms

Place of Origin: Hong Kong

The cultivated cordyceps mycelium Cs-4 of "Cordyceps Cs-4" uses advanced biotechnology to cultivate Paecilomyces bat moth isolated from top-grade Cordyceps sinensis. High concentration, high stability, the effect is superior and more significant than other Cordyceps cultivation. It is sweet in taste, mild in nature, tonic but not drying, and has the effect of nourishing the lungs and strengthening the body. It is the first choice for urbanites' health care and is suitable for the whole family.

Top Ten Effects of "Cordyceps Cs-4"
- Improve immunity and physical fitness, greatly increasing disease resistance
- Strengthen lung and respiratory system functions
- Improve symptoms of tracheal sensitivity and nasal sensitivity
- Keep your liver healthy
- Eliminate fatigue and restore energy
- Improve insomnia, relieve stress and calm the mind
- Nourishes yin and nourishes kidneys
- Promote heart and blood vessel health
- Accelerate recovery after illness
- How to delay aging and maintain health and beauty

Take orally, 1-2 times a day, 1-2 capsules each time, after meals. For children, half the serving size.
Ingredient combination

High-quality cultivated cordyceps mycelium Cs-4, Agaricus blazei blazei, gelatin capsules
60 capsules Please store in a cool, dry place away from snow and direct sunlight.

Specifications: 60 capsules

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