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Made in Switzerland🇨🇭Depurdent stain removal and whitening toothpaste 50ML

Made in Switzerland🇨🇭Depurdent stain removal and whitening toothpaste 50ML

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⭐Made in Switzerland🇨🇭Depurdent stain removal and whitening toothpaste⭐
Pure plant formula🌱Safe, effective and easy to use, it is popular in Europe and the United States👍🏻It is so strong that even European dentists’ clinics have dedicated channels. After brushing, the teeth are as shiny as polished🦷
Yellow teeth turn white😆It’s really powerful and easy to use, even thousand-year-old stains on teeth are eliminated😎Must try!

⭕You only need to use it 2-3 times a week to make a refreshing SPA for your teeth. 🦷 Whiten the gaps between teeth all around and combine it with an electric toothbrush for faster results 💪🏻


👉🏻Many professional dental clinics often use this toothpaste as a stain remover and polishing paste👉🏻The natural pumice material gently polishes the tooth surface, making the teeth really smooth👉🏻It is used by children in the teeth changing period㗎👧🏻👦🏻

🌱Pure plant formula, even pregnant women/children can use it ❌Fluorine-free👍🏻Does not contain harmful additives, chemical whitening ingredients, enzymes, preservatives and harmful ingredients

🉐Strawberry mint flavor🉐Effectively prevents cavities, removes stains, improves breath problems, stops bleeding, protects gums, strengthens and strengthens teeth 🉐Aims at exogenous yellow tooth problems such as tobacco stains, tea stains, coffee stains, tartar, etc.🉐Quickly removes tobacco stains, quickly Eliminate bad breath caused by smoking🉐Natural pumice soft grinding particles can effectively remove stains on the tooth surface🉐Polishing has strong whitening effect and does not harm the teeth

✔Made in Switzerland, one bottle capacity is 50ml
✔PH value is 7
✔Suitable for people who do not have their teeth cleaned every year, it can prevent dental calculus


🏆Dr.wild from Switzerland was founded in 1932. It focuses on the field of oral care and ensures that every product is produced in a pharmaceutical-grade sterile environment. It has now become the brand chosen by 800,000 dentists👍🏻
This DEPURDENT whitening and polishing toothpaste has been selling well in Europe and the United States for 85 years and has been certified by Swiss medical companies🥇

Ordinary whitening toothpaste achieves the effect of whitening teeth by adding chemical friction agents. Although it is effective, it is very harmful to the teeth🙈
Dr.wild uses physical whitening, which does not contain chemical whitening agents, harmful foaming agents, preservatives and other chemical additives to ensure the effect while being safer💪🏻

The secret of this toothpaste's whitening lies in the natural ultra-fine pumice soft particles it contains. Volcanic pumice has the same physical structure as bamboo charcoal, with many small pores. It has adsorption capacity and can effectively remove tobacco stains, tea stains, and coffee stains. It is also suitable for It has certain effects on yellowing teeth, tartar and plaque😍
✔In addition to adsorption, pumice is rich in mineral salts and various trace elements, which can stop bleeding and protect gums. Its nourishing effect of strengthening and strengthening teeth cannot be ignored.

Use it about 2-3 times a week to make small circles on the tooth surface. It can also be used with an electric toothbrush or a special whitening and polishing machine.

If the tooth stain problem is serious, apply it evenly on the teeth and wait for about 3 minutes before brushing.

**Toothpaste is only effective against exogenous tooth stains such as cigarette stains, tea stains, coffee stains, etc., and is effective for various stains that later adhere to the tooth surface.

Best date: 2025

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