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France🇫🇷Guerlain Imperial Bee Royal Water Condensed Black Bee Live Muscle Honey (5ml X 2)

France🇫🇷Guerlain Imperial Bee Royal Water Condensed Black Bee Live Muscle Honey (5ml X 2)

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France🇫🇷Guerlain Imperial Bee Royal Water Condensed Black Bee Live Muscle Honey (5ml X 2)

Suggested retail price: $108/set

✂️Order deadline: June 29📦Estimated arrival: around late September
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🇫🇷Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil

😱WoW Hong Kong counter sells 50ml for $1550, our IKEA 5ml is only $54‼ ️$54‼ ️Using the exclusive Oueshan Island black bee honey and special royal jelly to moisturize and repair the skin; the revolutionary formula adopts a light and translucent texture that blends water and oil, while retaining the feeling of moisturization and plumpness. It is moisturized but not irritating, and the skin is instantly Smooth and firm ➕ bouncy and plump ➕ reactivate😁😆

🔲Guerlain hired Louis Koo to be its skin care ambassador last year. He is known as a lady’s skin care product. All the brand’s products are made in France. The most popular and effective one is the Queen Bee series, which is highly praised by the beauty industry.

👸🏻🤴🏻The Hollywood star’s anti-aging tool is made from exceptionally pure precious black honey🐝 and is combined with the core ingredient condensed from special royal jelly🍯. This repairing anti-aging hydrating essential oil doubles its effectiveness when paired with skin care products. , it won’t stick to makeup when paired with it. It goes on super smoothly and is not greasy at all. The texture is like essence, not greasy at all. It absorbs in 30 seconds. The initial anti-aging effect is very impressive.

🧏🏻How to use: Use 3 drops of golden recovery honey every day after firming water and before essence to lay a good foundation for young skin: 1-2 times a week for special care, double the daily dosage, 6 drops of golden honey combined with repair massage , subtly repair the signs of aging.

✅Capacity: 5ml*2 =10ml
✅Expiration date: 2-3 years ✅Origin: France

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