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Japan🇯🇵FANCL Collagen Drink Oral Liquid (10 bottles per box)

Japan🇯🇵FANCL Collagen Drink Oral Liquid (10 bottles per box)

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Goddess’ gift! Pola's affordable version ✨Collagen Liquid improves skin problems from within the body. The skin care effect is thorough and long-lasting. The unique smooth🌈repair formula targets various problems such as roughness, dry lines, and sagging, and restores smoothness, translucency, and firmness.

Each bottle contains 3000mg of HTC collagen 🌸 It can reach the skin the fastest and has the highest absorption rate. Beauty drinks containing a large number of beauty ingredients, such as ceramide/hyaluronic acid, can moisturize and whiten HTC collagen. "HTC Collagen" has improved Ability to circulate deeply, 3,000 mg per day 🥰
🍎Make special attention to the feeling of "deep charging design". For those who want to achieve beauty quickly. Fruity peach flavor.
Quickly replenish elements that support skin elasticity and maintain moisture, effectively improve skin elasticity and regain firmness
HTC collagen can double the skin's collagen and expand the water storage space, keeping the skin's moisture content in a youthful state at all times, making the skin appear hydrated and plump. Each tube contains 1mg Q10 plum blossoms to strengthen the activation of cell tissues and promote metabolism.

Expiration date: January 2024

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