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Made in Japan Sofia in wonderland NMN All In One Gel NMN 285g

Made in Japan Sofia in wonderland NMN All In One Gel NMN 285g

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NMN combined with arnica flower fills the aging cell tissue at the bottom of the muscle, tightens looseness, tightens puffiness, and replenishes aging dryness‼ ️
✨Anti-oxidant and anti-aging, supports underlying cells and laxity, brightens and evens skin tone, injects water while reducing dryness and scaling ✨Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN): lack of nutrition with age, slow skin metabolism rate and cell renewal , the skin will age and sag immediately, it can replenish nutrients from the surface to the bottom of the skin, renew the overall cell tissue, and restore youth ✨Hydrolyzed collagen: Moisturizes, penetrates and absorbs layer by layer, supports collapsed tissue, strengthens the reticular fibers of the dermis, shrinks pores, and tightens Smooth ✨Arnica flower: Promotes the regeneration of damaged tissue, can soften cooled and solidified fat, helps tighten edema, relieves muscle tension, and improves skin dullness ✨Made in Japan

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